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The words of the chief executive

    Good picture book, should be if the texture of the taste of life in general, can touch our hearts, let us feel a kind of interest, a kind of interest. You will want to read it, you will be it to stir the hearts of a certain string. Picture book can not simply be a combination of graphs and text, and even can not be said to be used to learn language tools, this is not its goal.
    Picture book is not a purpose, it seems to me as Zhuangzi said "useless use of the big use." For children, it is used to cultivate the child's life texture of things. I would like to know about children's development, children's education will probably agree that the picture book is the most suitable for children to read a variety of literature.
    As a pioneer of picture book publishing, we spent more effort in promoting early childhood reading than in publishing. We advocate parent-child read, advocate parents to accompany children to read together. The introduction of the world classic books, so that our children and the world, expand reading horizons. Founder of "letter art picture book award", to cultivate children's picture book creation talent, hope that our children can also have our life and culture from the growth of works.
    As a publisher of the book for children, I have been asking myself: in the end we are what kind of children's view, outlook on life, to look at a book we have to pay in the hands of children? Or more simply, in the end we hope that the child has what kind of reading taste? Hope he grows into what kind of person? For young children, it is important to the development of young children and the growth of young children. I sincerely hope that every book we publish is the best wishes for our children's books and reading.

CEO writing

Guarding the child's only childhood - an interview with Zhang Xing as chief executive

    Dressed in elegant clothes, tall and straight gesture, almost every day into the office to host large and small meetings, deal with documents, and colleagues to discuss the problem, she is the letter of the Foundation, such as Zhang Xing, chief executive.






    As a professional early childhood educator, talk about in the years of experience, the most impressive thing is what? President Zhang did not hesitate to say: small baby every day to bring their parents a lot of surprises, we see the novice parents because of love and life moved, but also learn to re-examine the meaning of life and thinking about the value of life. More parents in order to accompany their children to learn, brave to go out, expand the field of learning, but also enhance the quality of life.
    But back to think about what is the child alone, the face of life when you need to carry the baby? She remembered that she was in contact with foreign masterpiece of picture books, ready to introduce to the children of Taiwan, the 16-year-old son was about to go to the United States to study, as if the apprentice to go down the rivers and lakes, the master was found his effort is also so Sentimental, Anxious to pass on his life skills to him. Suddenly, feel the master of the brave, respect, self-confidence, hope, feeling righteousness ... ... is not the child forward to move forward? So, she took this feeling, in the selection of each book are implied a mother's exhortation of the child, but also look forward to have the opportunity to read the children of these books, buried a small seed, slowly in the heart Sprout, thrive, wait until you need to let go, with enough power forward.

    This time, we are pleased with the resources at the same time than before, it can not be denied that the social changes due to rapid changes become uncertain, to use past experience and knowledge to raise the future of the child, is a how difficult task , Parents and educators, duty-bound, only struggling to move forward. From the CEO to lead the letter Foundation Foundation uphold the ideal of the poor, we see that this society has a good cycle to continue to stir, people feel the hearts of sunshine.

This article is taken from Taiwan's "pre-school education" magazine September 2003 issue, the author "pre-school education" magazine editor-in-chief Huang Meimei